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Franklin Energy Partners with Energy Infrastructure Partners for a Deeper Focus on Energy Equity in Underserved Communities

September 9, 2021

Franklin Energy and EIP will deliver cost-effective energy savings to utilities and multifamily households. Their partnership will focus on providing energy equity to disadvantaged communities and advancing community-level workforce development goals.    


PORT WASHINGTON, Wis. – Franklin Energy, a leading provider of energy efficiency and energy management solutions, announced today a partnership with Energy Infrastructure Partners (EIP), a nationally certified minority-owned business with a leading-edge multifamily strategic energy management offering.


Together, Franklin Energy and EIP will leverage decades of results-oriented expertise to improve energy equity throughout the country by providing traditionally underserved multifamily households with clean energy opportunities while supporting growth for community-based minority-owned businesses.


“Multifamily buildings across the U.S. contribute to more than 29% of our nation’s carbon emissions, with approximately 21 million low- to moderate-income families living in multifamily housing,” said Colin Owyang, General Counsel and Head of Strategy for Franklin Energy. “The abundant industry experience EIP brings in strategic energy management, energy equity, and serving a diverse market are extremely valuable as we work to provide energy management services in a relatively underserved segment of the multifamily housing market.”


Multifamily energy efficiency has the potential to result in $3 billion in energy cost savings per year, according to a recent market analysis, with energy equity and workforce development cited as major priorities to serve disadvantaged communities.


“Low- to moderate-income households face a substantially higher energy cost burden than the rest of the country, and reducing carbon and energy bills is of growing concern for multifamily owners, operators and occupants,” said Renny Paige, CEO of Energy Infrastructure Partners. “We are thrilled to partner with Franklin Energy, a team committed to driving innovation in energy efficiency, energy management, and workforce development solutions.”

Energy Infrastructure Partners Expands Executive Team

July 30, 2021

“With the Addition of Three Senior Executives, EIP is Poised for a New Era of Energy Efficiency and Electrification Implementation.” Energy Infrastructure Partners CEO, Renny Paige.


Jeffrey Crittenden, Matthew Kok, and Martin Lott join Energy Information Partners (EIP) to build on ten years of energy infrastructure and efficiency innovation. 

EIP is a Nationally certified minority-owned business that has specialized in energy infrastructure finance consulting and utility energy efficiency program implementation since our beginnings in 2011. Our team has served utility, governmental and commercial clients from Coast-to-Coast.  And as our clients adjust to ever increasing demands, we have endeavored to broaden our own base of expertise, ensuring that EIP has the leadership to deliver innovation and execution to all client matters.


Jeffrey Crittenden, Matthew Kok, and Martin Lott join EIP with deep energy efficiency leadership experience.  They have designed and implemented innovative demand-side management programs in commercial, industrial and residential sectors on behalf of utilities and governmental agencies throughout North America. They join our existing team of finance and sustainability programs professionals to offer our clients a full suite of energy services to our clients. 

EIP is pleased to welcome Jeff, Matt, and Martin to the team which significantly enhances our services helping clients navigate a changing world and achieve their ambitious goals.



Jeff Crittenden - Vice President, Commercial & Industrial Programs

Jeff Crittenden is an energy and sustainability executive with over 20 years of experience in the existing building and new building construction industry. His project responsibilities have included leading large C&I utility energy efficiency programs and overseeing national multidisciplinary engineering teams. He has designed, staffed and implemented Strategic Energy Management, Energy Assessment, large C&I Custom and Retro- Commissioning Programs throughout North America.


Martin Lott - Vice President, Engineering & Technical Services

Martin Lott is a results oriented leader of energy efficiency program design and implementation with over 13 years of experience. His diverse experience includes program start-ups in 10 states and provinces. He excels at building teams and developing management systems that ensure consistent results. Mr. Lott is a certified energy manager and holds degrees in mechanical engineering and business administration.


Matthew Kok -- Vice President, Operations

Matt Kok brings 26 years of experience designing and managing implementation of residential, commercial, and industrial energy efficiency programs for more than 40 utility and government clients throughout the United States. Prior to joining Energy Infrastructure Partners, Matt served as Vice President at Resource Innovations, Vice President, Midwest Operations at CLEAResult, and Program Director at Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corporation (now Slipstream).   

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