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Large Public Sector Program (LPS)


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The Large Public Sector Program makes it easy to save.

The Large Public Sector Program (LPS) Provides comprehensive energy efficiency solutions and services to eligible SoCalGas customers including technical support, facility assessment, assisting finding eligible project and provide incentive estimates. 

Through technical outreach and engineering staff, LPS provides customers with energy project planning and technical support at no cost. Financial rebate is provided through incentives to offset some of the project costs with energy efficient product selection and design.

Who is eligible?

The Program provides services and incentives to public sector customers in SoCalGas territory. The utility accounts and rate codes of all applicants are verified to ensure eligibility.

All public sector customers who have a valid SoCalGas service account with usage greater than or equal to 50,000 therms are considered large public sector customers and are not state owned facilities or facilities that have participated in other programs may not be eligible. Already serviced by or previously solicited SoCalGas programs (i.e., Small & Medium Public) are eligible to participate in the Program.

The public sector customer this program serves are in the following segments:


County Hospitals
Special Districts
Correctional Facilities


Federal Agencies
Native American Tribes

Federal Agencies
Native American Tribes

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K-12 Facilities

Statewide facilities, statewide water/wastewater, statewide correctional facilities, higher education and facilities that have received an incentive for the same measure in the previous five years are not eligible.

What services are available?

The LPS Program provides technical assistance at no cost to identify, evaluate and
specify projects that reduce natural gas consumption, including:
Facility assessments
Estimating natural gas and cost savings from specific projects
Developing project specifications
Measuring energy savings impacts

Contact us to talk with an energy advisor about how the LPS Program can help.

2023 LPS Energy Efficiency Rebates

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  • All equipment must be new natural gas-fired equipment.

  • Fuel switching does not qualify.

  • All equipment must replace older equipment.

  • Qualified equipment must be installed within one year of the purchase date.

  • Rebate applications must be submitted within 60 days of equipment installation.

  • All required efficiencies must exceed California Title 20 and 24 standards.

Customized Rebates

If your equipment is not on the 2023 LPS Energy Efficiency Rebates list, our energy advisors will work with you to estimate the energy savings from your project and provide a customized rebate at $.75 per therm saved in the first year of operation. Custom rebates must be approved prior to equipment installation.

How to Apply for Rebates

1. Purchase and install new, efficient natural gas-fired equipment.
Download and complete the application.
3. Submit the application to

Notice to Participants

  • Rebates are taxable if greater than $600 for business customers and will be reported to the IRS unless you have identified yourself as a corporation or exempt.

  • SoCalGas will report your rebate as income to you on IRS Form 1099. You are urged to consult your tax advisor concerning the taxability of rebates.

  • SoCalGas is not responsible for any taxes that may be imposed on your business as a result of receipt of this rebate.

  • This program is funded by California utility customers and administered by SoCalGas under the auspices of the California Public Utilities Commission.

  • This program may be modified or terminated without prior notice and is provided to qualified customers on a first-come, first-served basis until program funds are no longer available.

  • SoCalGas is not responsible for any goods or services selected by the customer.


Privacy Policy

Energy Infrastructure Partners will not sell or share customer information with third parties. Information is gathered and stored by Energy Infrastructure Partners for the sole purpose of enrolling customers in program services, maintaining contact to complete the services, and notifying customers of future service offerings. 




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